Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Experiment with Vegetables

This summer my family decided to try something different. We were going to eat vegetables. Well, not that we *didn't* eat vegetables before, but they were more of the frozen peas and canned corn variety. No, we were going to eat fresh vegetables. And a lot of them.

We decided to join a CSA, which I was a little unsure of at first, but for the most part, it's been a really positive experience for us. For one, we got to eat a lot of veggies we've never really tried before. (Like radishes, which I've had in salads and stuff before, but have never actually purchased myself.) And I know this sounds kind of "duh," but we got to find out how much better fresh food tastes. Like freshly picked lettuce? So much better than the bagged Fresh Express stuff.

The CSA also offered a great educational experience for my girls, who got to learn all about where their food comes from and it got them excited to try some of the veggies. (Which has been very challenging for my 4-year-old lately.)

The only drawback to the CSA is that you're stuck with whatever veggies they offer for that week, and some of the vegetables I would not buy as often as we get them. I mean, kale is good and all, but we've gotten it for 18 straight weeks. Enough already.

A couple of my favorite veggie creations this season:
*Chicken stir-fry with eggplant (best use of eggplant, I think)
*Sauteed radishes (with the greens)
*Tomato, basil and mozzarella

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